Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mixed Media Crochet Cloud Mobile {14 Days of Fluffy Stuff}

Hullo my peoples,

How goes it? I made this mixed media mobile/hanging art thingy over the weekend:

I used part of the pattern from the rainy day scarf for the cloud ...

... and the "raindrops" are upcycled from some old earrings. 

I was originally going to crochet the whole thing, but my raindrops ended up looking like a certain single-celled organism necessary for creating life, so ... yeah. I scrapped that idea. I really like the mixed media look, however.

It's going to hang (VERY securely) over Gracelyn's bed. Right now she's sleeping in a playpen ( ... okay, she usually ends up in our bed because I fall asleep when nursing her at night), but she'll be moving into the nursery with her brother when we move him to a toddler bed. That's the theory, anyway.

Happy Tuesday! :-)

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