Saturday, February 2, 2013

Monster Pillow {14 Days of Fluffy Stuff}


Glad to see you! Today's fluffy thing is a monster pillow I made for T.

I used an old striped sheet for the main portion of the pillow and cut out felt pieces for the spots, mouth, arms, legs, teeth, hair, and Mr. Monster's irises. Then I crocheted a few more teeth and the eye whites (which reallllly look like egg whites ... if you need a crocheted fried egg for something, hit me up). I used buttons for the pupils.

I found a skein of fuzzy white yarn on sale at Walmart, so that became more hair (I looped it) and shoelaces ... or foot hair (depending on who you ask). 

I laid it all out, then sewed the arms, legs, and hair into the sides of the pillow. Everything else was attached with black crochet thread and tacky glue.

 If your kid is interested, it would be really fun to let them make and lay out the pieces themselves for a custom designed pillow. They might even be able to sew it depending on their age and skill level! 

T isn't quite ready for a needle and thread, but he definitely likes lugging Mr. Monster around and naming all his various parts and pieces. Most recently he has decided the arms double as ears. 

You never can tell with a monster :-)
This kinda goes without saying (isn't that an oxymoron?), but buttons can pose a choking hazard. Please use your judgment and epic deductive reasoning skills, okay? Thanks :-)
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