Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Rainy Day Scarf

Hello, everybody!

It's officially autumn! You know what that means?


Here's the crochet pattern for my Rainy Day Scarf. It's great for using up leftover yarn from other projects. Plus, it's adorable. And colorful. And also, adorable.

Need I say more?

I used a size G hook and worsted weight yarn. Abbreviations are as follows:

ch = chain
dc = double crochet
sc = single crochet

For the scarf:

Begin with a foundation chain of 240. This scarf is quite long, so feel free to decrease the number of chains here if you'd like something shorter.

Ch 3, turn. DC in each ch to end. Join next color. *Ch 3, turn. Dc in each dc to end. Join next color.* Repeat from * to * with each color. Finish off. Weave in ends.

For the clouds:

Ch 27. Skip 4, SC in fifth ch from hook. *Ch 2, skip 1 ch, 1 sc.* Repeat from * to * to end. Turn.
*Sc, ch 1, 3 dc, ch 1, sc* in ch 2 space. Repeat from * to * in each ch 2 space and beginning ch 4 space.

Finish off.

Crochet four of these ruffle pieces.

Now make four shorter ones:

Ch 19. Skip 4, SC in fifth ch from hook. *Ch 2, skip 1 ch, 1 sc*. Repeat from * to * to end. Turn.
*SC, Ch 1, 3 DC, Ch 1, SC* in ch 2 space. Repeat from * to * and finish in beginning ch 4 space.

Finish off.

Sew ruffles to both sides of scarf in spiral patterns.

Weave in ends and say "Voila!" You now have your very own personal rainbow!

See any mistakes? Have any questions? 
Please leave a comment :-)

Don't have time to make this or don't know how? It is now available for purchase on the {walker whimsy} Etsy shop. Click here!

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  1. Ok...that is just about the cutest thing I ever did see! Love it! Thanks for sharing ~~Robyne~~

  2. Awesome scarf! Now to find someone who is craftier than I to make me one :)

    1. Thank you! Maybe we'll do a giveaway sometime :)

  3. I am bey confused about the clouds I really need help

    1. Hullo,

      Not sure if this will get to you if you comment anonymously, but basically all you're doing is making scalloped pieces (one long and one short for each side of each scarf end), placing them on the scarf in spiral patterns, and sewing them on. Hope that helps!

      Caiti :)

  4. I'm not sure what you mean by "in spiral patterns." Help?

    1. It's like you're making a flower. You start at one end, roll it up and then sew it on so you end up with cloud ”puffs”. Does that make sense?

      I used the same technique for this cloud mobile. Maybe the picture will help you see what I did :)

      Hope that helps!

  5. I may have missed it, but what size yarn did yu use? It looks like a bulky.. Thanks This is so pretty I am thinking of making mother- Daughter sets. Susan Osborn

    1. You didn't miss it. I forgot to list it :P So sorry. I used worsted weight 4 ply for this. I think one or two of them were Red Hearts (found at Walmart), but the others I got at a yard sale, so I don't have specifics.

      Hope that helps!

  6. How do you assemble the clouds to the rainbow to make them look so fluffy? I am not crafty at all so can you please 'stupify' the directions for me? Thank you!

    1. Hello,
      Hold one end of the long crocheted scallop piece between one thumb and forefinger. Start wrapping the piece clockwise around that point; it will look kind of like a rose. Once you've wrapped about two thirds into a coil, set it on your scarf and pin it. Then wrap the other third counterclockwise into a smaller coil. Pin this piece to the scarf as well.

      Then take the separate small crocheted scallop piece and wrap it into one coil. Pin it the scarf wherever you think it looks best. Sew everything down.

      Here's another cloud I made with a better view of the "coiling" process:

      Hopefully this helps! Good luck! :)


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