Thursday, August 15, 2013

Belt it, Baby! {POTM}

I know, I know. It's another baby pattern. I apologize sincerely for having baby on the brain, but it's kind of hard not to at the moment ...

If you don't have/don't know any little ones or think children should simply not exist (which means, of course, you should have never been born, either, buddy), skip this, but please continue to love me. I want you, I need you, oh baby, oh baby.

Aaaand we're back to munchkins. You see my problem?

Anyhoo, my children are string beans. They take after their dad. Consequently, they often look like they are attempting to join a gang. They've got super-cute polka dot diapers, so it doesn't bother me all that much. Since, G started walking, however, her too-long pants have been tripping her up. I figured I should remedy the problem.

Not with rubber bands like we did with T, either.

Look at me go.

Behold, a de-gansterify your baby device!

Pretty sure I'm going to patent that name, peeps. 

What do you mean, it's already been invented and someone called it a "belt". WHY? My name is ninety seven million times better.

You will need:
Yarn in the color of your choice (this is Red Heart Super Saver in Hot Pink)
A button (I found 3/4" in diameter works best)
A G hook
A yarn needle
Someone to watch your baby for 20-30 minutes ... or duct tape. KIDDING.

ch = chain
sl st = slip stitch
dc = double crochet

G's waist is 16" and it fits her just right at its smallest. Since this belt is adjustable, it will fit babies with waists up to 22 inches. 

My kid might be there when she's fifteen ...

Ze Pattern:

Ch 60. 5 dc in second ch from hook. *Skip 1 ch, sl st in next. Skip one ch, 5 dc in next.* Repeat from * to * to end.

Once you finish one side, turn your work. 5 dc into the opposite edge of the scallop you just finished (there will be a "hole" for you to work into). This forms the medallion-esque shape. Then sl st into the opposite side of the slip stitch you made. Continue to do this (5 dc in each scallop, sl st in each sl st) until you come to the end.

Now, ch 25. Sl st in fifth ch from hook. *Ch 2, sk 2 ch, sl st in next ch*. Repeat from * to * to end. (You're making buttonholes, sort of.) At the end, slip stitch to medallion. Finish off. Weave in this end only.

With the other loose end, attach a button of your choice to the center of the first medallion. Make sure to tie VERY securely (remember, buttons can be a choking hazard!), then weave in that end. 


Now, go forth and de-gansterify! 

Or belt. 

Any hawk-eyes notice mistakes (and could you pretty please introduce me to the rest of the Avengers)? 
Have any questions?
Want to share your plans for world domination?
Please, feel free :D

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  1. So so cute! And I do not sew and I have no babies in my the moment, anyway. (Waiting for the day I am told I will be a grandma and trying hard not to be THAT pre-granma.)

    1. LOL. I can see it now -- a whole room full of adorable baby things ready for that special day ;) You could just call it being prepared!


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