Thursday, March 14, 2013

Crazy Brain

Hi peeps,

I made over some built-in bookcases a few days ago (I'll share pictures later) and really, really, REALLY wanted to put a brain in a jar on it. Not a real brain, mind you. That would be gross ... and may require me to murder and dissect someone.

Too messy.

Instead, I crocheted one.

I'm not sure why exactly I wanted a tiny brain in a jar (Grover would probably say one of my other multiple personalities told me I needed it), but something did.

I made a gray one first.

And then everybody was all, "Dat look nuttin' like a brain, yo."

Except not exactly like that, because they aren't gangsters and have all their teeth.

So then I made a pink one.

I didn't really like that one either, so I asked my FB friends what color they think of when they think of brains. The responses were quite varied. Pink, gray, pinkish gray (thanks, Susie :), purple, green, oatmeal (mmmmm ... ), et cetera.

I like thegray one better. The pink one doesn't look very brainy to me; the swirls aren't right, I think. But maybe the color makes up for that.

What do you think?

Pretty useless cool, no?

If nothing else, you can perch in upon your noggin and point to it.

Like a boss.


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  1. Haha! Well, there are not many people who can claim to own a crocheted brain, so there you are.

    1. True. It is probably one of only a few in existence. That makes it rare and therefore valuable.

      Perfectly logical I am being, mmmhmm! :)

  2. Ready for the pattern. Have a Son-in-law I have a perfect use for one as a gift.

    1. It's time consuming, but really easy! I made a really long crocheted i-cord, coiled it up into a brain shape, and then sewed it so it would stay that way.

      Here's how to make i-cord:

      Good luck!


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