Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Simplify Your Life in Just 763 Easy Steps!

Every year at this time I feel the need to simplify. Cut the crap. Pare down. Let it gooooooo. Not just the nine thousand Happy Meal toys that have taken refuge in my couch, either. Mental crap. Emotional crap. Other assorted crap.

It could be rebellion against the inherent craziness of this season. Or maybe my inner organizer is trying to get ready to jump into a new year without tons of baggage.

Usually, even thinking about simplification completely overwhelms me and I end up spending the whole month of December in pajamas staring at my half-assed Christmas decor.

But this year is different. This year, I have a plan! With seven hundred sixty three steps! I shall not be defeated!

(But my Christmas decor will probably still be half-assed.)

1) Make a list. Check it twice.

Pick three things in your life that make you feel like your head is exploding. Write them down. Make an action plan. DO IT.

Don't be that guy.

2) Turn it off.

Cell phone, computer, TV. Just think of all electronic devices like this:

If you've never seen this movie, SEE THIS MOVIE.

3) Establish a routine.

Ahahahahaha. Hahaha. Haha. Ha. Ha. *sobs*

This is TOUGH with tinies thwarting your every move. We're working on it.

Frozen: The Later Years

4) Let it go.

Pick the area of your home that is just plain embarrassing. Devote one hour a day for one week to cleaning it. I am a clothes hoarder, so my closet will be getting some attention.

Buuuut I might wear it someday, you guys. That stain is totally coverable with a very large scarf. Or, like, another shirt.

No, no, no. Let it goooooo!

5) Ask for help.

Your family, your friends, your significant other. Mayyyybe a professional

It's hard, I know. But so, so, so lifesaving.

6) Do something for you.

Forget about all the stuff you have to do and take some time to recharge. Do what you want.
Like maybe sit in the recliner for 15 minutes and pound Cheetos.
Or not that. Idk.

7) Shut your face.

Whining and complaining sap your energy and make things seem bleak and dreary. Just shut it.

8 to 763) Repeat.

I'm off to take my own advice. Peace and love to you all this season. <3

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