Thursday, October 30, 2014

Everything but the kitchen sink

I kind of feel like the blog is starting to resemble kitchen sink soup (where you throw an entire week's leftovers into a pot and hope for the best). Sometimes it's delicious and sometimes ... well, sometimes it gives you stomach cramps and you end up slurping Pepto with a straw.

So, uh. Here.
A crazy straw seems apropos.
Part of it is just because I'm kind of random (have I said this like 500 times before? I kind of feel like I've said this 500 times before). Part of it is because I didn't start blogging with a clear purpose. Part of it is because everything just sort of bleeds onto the page when I sit down to write. But even I'm forgetting what I'm doing, so I'm thinking of semi-regularly listing some of my favorite things in each of the categories linked above. Are your straws at the ready? Here we go.


Crafty-wise, I made these.

A whopping five of them thus far (here's the inspiration/instructions, which yes, theirs looks WAY better than mine).


Crochet-wise, I just discovered Moogly and I can't get enough. I want to live in that website. And I'm working on my first-ever afghan with this adorbs hexagon pattern. I've made ... two of them.

Because I really stick to things, you guys. I am a highly motivated individual. Highly motivated to oversleep and play Words With Friends and eat massive amounts of candy corn.


For 20 years from now ...
In the motherhood department, can I just take a moment to say I LOVE MY JOB. I know full-time SAHMing is not for everybody and yes, even I occasionally want to lock myself in my bedroom and watch Netflix for 14 hours straight instead of being asked for the umpteen thousandth drink refill.

But I love it. I really do.

Also, just saying that is probably going to set off a domino effect.

Like the time I told someone who was harassing me at the store about all. those. babies the only reason I make it is because, "they're just really, REALLY great kids" ...

.... and then the older two stole Baby Bottle Pops while I was checking out (first time this has happened).



Clicking along to photography, I keep getting random flashes of panic that I didn't take enough pictures of K's first year. I'm pretty sure this is illogical because I take billions upon billions of pictures.

I also never, ever, ever exaggerate.

I did manage to get all three of them completely dressed and into the front yard for a fall photo shoot of sorts.

Everyone is looking at the camera therefore, I win. #highstandards
My goofball.

My beauty.

My "WTF is this?" child.


In randomness, I recently did a series on my struggle with postpartum depression and premenstrual dysphoric disorder, which was followed by a tremendous drop in blog hits. I know it doesn't matter. I know. I know. But I did find it an interesting correlation/possible confirmation of the whole "no one really wants to know about your problems and would you please just shove those metaphorical bleeding guts back into your stomach cavity, shut up and ACT LIKE YOU'RE FINE, DAMMIT" attitude. It was rather discouraging, but I'm clinging to the hope maybe all the stuff that burbled out will help somebody else. That makes it worth it.

Also, I'm trying to break my habit of saying "like" in conversations because I realized a week ago that I say it all. the. time.

Also, I discovered taking vitamins with nothing but coffee in your stomach will make you feel like you're dying.

AND, get this. The blueberries in blueberry instant oatmeal ARE NOT REAL BLUEBERRIES. :O:O:O

I mean, okay. On some level, I knew this all along. Of course I did. But, still. Saying something is a blueberry when it isn't a blueberry? Not cool.

I mean, that's like saying politicians are naturally orange.

Shut up. Of course they are.

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