Thursday, June 26, 2014

Platforms and The Ripple Effect

I don't have a platform (or platform shoes because I tend to fall over and break things and it's not 1975, but anyway).

I don't have a gigantic readership. I don't have a gazillion fans on Facebook. I don't tweet to thousands of people.

I don't have a great big booming voice that echoes across the wild wilderness of the Internet. Maybe I will
someday. Most likely I won't. I can't try to convince people that Cheetos Puffs are really packing peanuts coated in powdered cheese sauce (although somehow they're still delicious) or make a difference for a cause I believe in.

Or can I?

I am not a bleeding heart armchair humanitarian who signs up willy-nilly for the latest charity fad. I am a regular person. I am concerned about stupid things like my hair and my sucky cuticles and panty line faux pas. I can't make it rain dolla billz (unless we're talking about Monopoly money). I am selfish and imperfect and my soul is patchwork-y in places. I don't have a burning desire to address hard topics. I would much rather stay in my comfortable little white box and shut out the misery of humanity.

I don't have the power to change anything anyway.

Or do I?

I am just another human being on this third rock from the sun. There are billions of us. Some are suffering. Some are being subjected to things that only haunt our nightmares. But is it really my place to do something when my actions will be negligible at best and completely useless or even offensive at worst?

The answer is yes.

I am a regular human being. Maybe you are, too. We're not in the spotlight. We don't speak with megaphones. The effects of our actions do not make waves in the ocean of society.

But when we throw stones, we make ripples somewhere. And those ripples can make a difference. In our own circles and our own spheres, we have power. We have a platform.

The first font I used for this made it look like I said "make nipples". #fail
Sometimes a gentle whisper in the ear of a friend is just as strong a force as a thunderous yell.

My friends, I'm whispering to you today with my shaky little voice. I'm stepping out of my white box and facing the ugliness of human trafficking head-on. I'm not the shining knight at the front of the crowd brandishing a broadsword (because we all know I'd accidentally stab myself), but I can be a force for good behind the scenes. There are others who are lending their beautiful voices and their platforms (again, not the shoes). They are making some righteous waves (duuude). I'll link to them below. Please read their words and listen to their voices.

Please consider throwing a stone.

And please, if you ever see me with a sword, RUN. It's for your safety. ;)

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  1. This is a beautiful post. You are wonderful and I want to give you a hundred hugs.

    1. (((HUGS))) x100

      Thanks for the wake-up call. Keep making waves. :)

  2. I love all of those ladies and have been following along with their mission. I'm so glad you're sharing them and you've encouraged me to do the same! I am also a small-time blogger (although i think you're much bigger than I am!) who sometimes feel like my words don't matter as much as others'. thanks for the reminder that even the smallest of ripples make a differenece.


  3. Thanks for your kind words, Alex! :)

  4. I really like this and your blog Caitlin... I found you via Addie and I'm enjoying having a wee look around!

  5. Couldn't you do a sports motive applique? You know like a baseball (really just a circle with embroidered stitching for the red ball stiches for detsil) or a football (which you could use brown but do a simple leaf=change 10, slip St in 2nd stitch from end, sc, 1/2 dc, dc, 1/2 dc, sc, 3 sl St in end St of foundation, do not turn, keep going down other side, sc, 1/2 dc, dc, 1/2 dc, sc, sl St. Fasten off) embroider the white stiches and with stripes. Look. A football.

  6. Hi! Would love to get this right..I am kinda new to all this. Do I not join after round 1? I finish the last DC in the ring and then what? Just chain 3 on top of that DC? Totally confused! Thanks!

  7. Hi Julie,

    You're working in the round while making the toe, so you do join in rounds 1 and 2 (as well as 3 and 4). I'll go back and note it in the pattern. Thanks! :)


  8. Thanks so so much!!!

  9. I was just going to ask, at the end of row five and the beginning it says to chain 3. On row six through eleven it says to repeat row five. Are we supposed to chain 6 then, or is it just three? (If you do the end, then the beginning of the row like it says that is six chains in a row. Thank you for this pattern though- I whipped up a pair for my little sister for Christmas in less than a day!!!!!!!

  10. Hello,

    You only chain three. I'll try to make that more clear in the pattern.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas!


  11. I so want to try these! I just started about a week ago, but have basic stitches down. I have a couple dumb questions, since im more of a visual person!
    The magic adjustable sarcasm? If not, what ring?
    After that, ch 3 sure, then 11 dc into what?
    Thank you!!

  12. A magic adjustable ring is a really easy way to start any project that is worked in the round. It lets you make a circle without a hole in the center. :)

    This is the technique I use:

  13. Oh! Thanks! I'll give this a go tonight, then =)

  14. Hi!
    I'm about to try these slippers for my nieces (I got some really cute Christmas coloured yarn on sale! woot!), and I've made a similar slipper in 'women sizes' and I'm wondering about the different sizes. In the women slippers 1 row = about 1/2 a size, so if you need to go up a full size from the pattern you'd repeat the row 2 more times. Do you know if this is similar to kids sizes? I hope that made sense.


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