Sunday, March 2, 2014

7x7 Post #7: Spring Crochet Patterns

Well, there you have it. Seven posts in seven days. No one died. The children got fed. The house didn't explode (depending on your definition of "explode", that is). I did it!

*happy dance*

I really wanted to get a crochet pattern written for y'all for this last post, but that didn't happen, so here's a round up of some of the projects I've been wanting to make in my "spare time". If somebody out there is crocheting this adorableness, I'll sleep better at night knowing the world is a slightly cuter place.

Actually, I probably won't because I have an eight week old baby, but still ...

Click the link below each photo to get the FREE pattern!

Spring Flowers Scarf
Crochet Egg
Waffle Weave Slouchy Hat
Spring Chick Applique
Amigurumi Bunny
And if you're still bored after all that, check out my free patterns for daffodils, a drawstring bag for goodies, dainty flower bookmarks or my crossed double crochet infinity scarf from the Pattern of the Month Series.

Thank you for enduring seven consecutive days of my babble!
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