Monday, February 24, 2014

7x7 Post #1: You're a special kind of crazy, aren't you?

Yes, yes I am.

I signed up for this thing. Seven posts in seven days. Today is day one. And since I'm a fan of all things math-y (except you, physics), let us break down why exactly this was a crazy thing to do:

Number of hours in a day: 24
Number spent sleeping: 7ish (definitely NOT consecutively)

Number of children I have: 3
Ages: Almost 3, 18 months and 7 weeks

Number of hours spent caring for children's basic needs (feeding, clothing, wiping butts/noses/chins): 6
Number of hours spent doing "fun" things with my children (reading books, coloring, cussing out the creator of Legos under my breath): 3
Number of hours spent doing essential chores (dishes, laundry, wiping mystery smears off the TV, cleaning up the toy explosion formerly known as the living room): 4
Number of hours spent caring for my basic needs (exercising, brushing my teeth, shoving food in my face): 1 (MAYBE)

Number of hours spent staring at my iPhone: the rest of them

You see? CLEARLY I do not have any free time ...

Hopefully this will be a good kick in the pants to get my shiz together (and stop compulsively checking Facebook and Twitter).

*automatically reaches for phone*


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  1. I love your posts. They always make me laugh, smile, and sigh. It's really cool that I usually get the email update right before midnight when I'm finally able to relax in my bed and play on my ipad.
    It makes me super happy when I open my inbox and see {walker whimsy} in the little header thingy. I give silent little "yay." Thanks for brightening my night!


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