Tuesday, January 28, 2014


There are a lot of side effects of parenthood. Lack of sleep, having to go all covert ops so you can eat junk food, body sagginess in all the wrong places, feeling like you are constantly losing your mind, and the inability to yell at someone without garbling their names (TAL-GRA-KEL-HERSH-CHA *deep breath* GRACELYN! GET OFF THE TABLE!).

There's also innumerable perks, such as the flashbacks to my own happy childhood.

For instance, I recently came to the realization at least half my brain is STILL full of Disney song lyrics.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. One one hand, it might be nice to have that brain space for important stuff like physics or ... something. On the other hand, I would totally kick butt at Disney karaoke night at the local bar.

Not that they have that. But they TOTALLY should.

Another flashback happened when I found a hairdresser set at Target for 70 percent off (woot!) and opened it up to find these ...

Ah, the smell of burning plastic and China.
Whilst at Target, I also purchased a little Lego base plate/storage thingy for T (also 70 percent off! woot!). It came with 50 Legos, which I thought was PERFECT since they are pretty much the epitome of evil when you don't like to wear shoes in your house.

Fifty Legos I can deal with. Unfortunately, I was unaware there was a GIANT box of Legos in my youngest brother's room from our childhood days. He brought them upstairs (because he hates me) and T dumped them out on the floor (WHY, CHILD? WHY?).

Flashback to me playing happily with my brothers on the floor screeching, "GIVE ME THAT LEGO BACCCCKKKK!!! I NEED THAT ONEEEEEEE!"

I got this exact set for a birthday and I think we still have like 50 percent of the pieces, which is kind of a miracle. It was a major source of strife due to it's awesomeness.


So was this one:
There used to be two. One was lost in a tragic accident (the dog ate it).
And this one:

You know what the official name of this piece is? Plant Bush.
Nice going, Lego.
And this one:

T still can't figure out what it is. I'm going with umbrella.
Is it weird that I can't remember where I set my phone down five minutes ago, but I remember very specific Lego pieces from 1999? And that I distinctly remember the bucket they came in?

Good times.
I'm hoping these little flashes of nostalgia continue as my kids grow. I don't have a many 90s/00s pop culture references to draw from since I started homeschooling in sixth grade, but I do have GREAT memories.

Like that one time I picked carrion beetles out of a dead weasel's mouth for a science project ...

Yeah, homeschoolers are weird cool like that.

 And if you ask me who is playing on the '90s Hits radio station, I will probably say Spice Girls ...

Homeschoolers (and Legos) FTW!
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  1. I still have that giant Lego container, but mine is silver and sparkly and has one silver lego. I use legos to teach fractions!

    1. Ah, the limited edition. Lucky! When T is ready for fractions we'll definitely be using Legos (that is, if I haven't thrown them all out in a rage by then ;).


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