Tuesday, December 3, 2013

October {Snapshots}

 Let's pause for a moment and take in the fact I (almost) caught up on something ...

Lovely. Now, on with the show.

(I already posted Halloween pictures. Check out this post for some serious cuteness.)

This time of year I am especially thankful we live in such a beautiful place.

We took advantage of the season with a giant leaf pile in Grandma Cookie's AWESOME back yard.

Who else sees the choke hold coming?
T was slightly more excited ...

... than his sister (although that could be due to the lack of a nap).

What is the purpose of this?
We dressed up as superheroes (again).

With her trusty doggy sidekick
According to T, gloves are a necessary part of any superhero's get up.
And we tasted Warheads (with adult supervision, mind you).

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