Tuesday, November 12, 2013

September {Snapshots}

September kind of disappeared on us, which was nice because it means I'm one month closer to being not pregnant but also kind of sad because all those minutes will never happen again. Know what I mean?

We did manage to make it to town for Touch-a-truck Day at the fire station ...

T was kind of confused about the flag hanging from a crane ...

And Gracie spent the majority of the day working on an Otter Pop.

What concentration
We enjoyed the nice weather on a few jaunts around the property and discovered G is OBSESSED with rocks. Eating them, throwing them, picking them up, dropping them, staring at them.

It makes it really hard to actually walk anywhere when you're surrounded by millions of the things ...

The weather lent itself nicely to a roof installation. Hooray!

Look at that sky! And that hubby!
We got a glimpse at baby brother ...

And I foolishly attempted to get the babies to "announce" the gender. Fail.

Gracie's face is hilarious, though.

Then this happened ...

Tatted. Again.
... and it made me seriously consider sending both my offspring to Timbuktu.

Kidding. Sort of. 


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