Monday, November 25, 2013

Princess Polka Dot Turns One

I know this is incredibly delayed, but I figured I should share some photos of Princess Polka Dot's first birthday ...

... considering the fact my family has now banned me from planning birthday parties for the rest of eternity.


I tend to get a bit ... frazzled about things like this. I looooove the decorating/crafting part, but I tend to over do that and under do the rest of the important stuff. Like cleaning. And showering. And feeding my children.


It was fun, though!

On Gracie's actual birthday, we took my grandparent's pontoon boat out for a spin on the lake. The babies loved it.

"What are we doing?"
Taking a dip. BRRR!!!
Then we had brownie cake. She actually blew out her own candle. I was ridiculously impressed.

NORMAL human beings would have stopped there, but nooooo ....

We had a party, too! And in typical me fashion, I took really crappy pictures of the decorations/end result despite the fact that I stayed up until three a.m. the day before making all this junk. Go me.

Birthday wreath!
Polka Dot Princess hats!
And Pixy Stix scepters!

The cake was not at all what my Pinterest-clouded mind had envisioned ...

The tutu was cute, though.
 ... but if you turned it upside down, it looked a lot like Davy Jones, sooo ...


I crocheted a fairy princess crown for the occasion. I don't know if it's because I finished it at three a.m. or I can't measure (okay, both), but it was too small. Oh well.

Dat's smoky!
I also made a tutu for her high chair.

Which turned into a tutu for her brother at present time. Go figure.

Happy (late, late, late, late) birthday, Baby G! We love you!

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