Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Happenings and Hello, November!

Hello peeps!

Hopefully you had a wonderful holiday!  The kids painted pumpkins a few days ago ...

... and we stuck them in their costumes for some pictures on Halloween.

Someday they will both look at the camera. 
Some (other) day.
We are slooowly recuperating from a nasty stomach bug, so we went pretty low-key. I considered playing up my awesome post-pukefest complexion as a ghoul/witch/the Grim Reaper, but then I ran out of energy, so I did this to Munchkin Three instead ...

Baby bump + orange shirt + construction paper + tape.
No photo of my face required. Boom.
... that is until T pulled off the nose and said, "Baby Brother not want to be a punkin anymore, Momma".

Alrighty, then.

Hello, November!
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