Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Be Yourself" Burlap Bunting

Hello peeps,

I haven't been very crafty lately (unless you count creating another human being ... which I do), but I did spend one precious hour of free time hopping on the burlap train.

Burlap is the new black, y'all.Or gray. Or emerald. Or whatever color is in these days.

I got several yards at Walmart for $8-ish bucks and I still have a ton left. If burlap underwear start trending, I'll be ready.

First, I made a template out of scrap paper.

Then I cut out 11 burlap triangles (one per letter + one space), adding about an inch to the top for folding.

Then I used a word processing program to type up my saying. I found a font I liked (Courier New ... sooo exciting, I know) and eyeballed the size to fit the template. I printed it out and cut out each letter.

I placed one letter behind each burlap triangle and traced it with a Sharpie. Worked like a charm.

Finally, I folded each triangle over a length of jute twine, hot glued it in place, and trimmed the edges.


I hung it across from my desk to remind me to be my weird, weird, weeeiiirrrd self : D

Happy Thursday!

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