Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Winnie the Mini

Hooray! We got a car that will legally hold all the munchkins!

Allow me to introduce Winnie the Minivan.
Without duct tape, I mean ;)

It's older, there's no built-in vacuum (what do you mean I'm supposed to vacuum the car?), and there's no GPS lady voice telling me I'm going the wrong way. Therefore, it is perfect. Cute, even. Maybe not the 'ideal' car for everyone, but definitely an answer to prayer for us.

Plus, it is 100 percent ours! We were saving up to buy something in the next few months when this popped up in the paper for exactly the price we already had in the savings account. Amazeballs, I tell you.

We've had it for two (maybe?) weeks, and I LOVE how insanely easy it is to load up and go now, as opposed to installing the car seats in Grover's car every dang time we had to leave. T can climb in by himself and only requires buckling. And since we're all getting in on one side of the car, it's much easier to keep track of everyone in the parking lot. I haven't even had to resort to the high, screechy, panicky voice I was employing previously. ("TALEN LIAM, you do NOT let go of me in the parking lot EVER EVER EVER.")

Less yelling = happy times all around.

I also discovered Winnie has a pretty high tech security system.

A security system that automatically locks everything when the car is turned on ...

... so when you start it to get the A/C running in the grocery store parking lot while you load groceries/kids, the doors lock ...

... in case, you know, Vin Diesel is looking for his next sweet ride ...

All of them. With the car running.

Meaning you then spend two hours waiting to be rescued a la Daphne of Scooby Doo. And then your car finally overheats (on account of the A/C being on full blast for so long) and smokes like crazy while your Grandpa is trying to get into it with a coat hanger and people are looking at you and shaking their heads and wondering if maybe they should call the cops, but then decide not to because an older gentleman and a profusely sweaty pregnant chick aren't really all that nefarious looking ...

... and finally you just have to call a locksmith who charges you a gazillion dollars.

But, hey! There was a Starbucks, free Internet and an entire aisle of Halloween candy at my disposal.

City Market is not a bad place to be stranded. Not a bad place at all :)

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  1. Ok, so that clever little helper of turning on the a/c while not in the car is really not so helpful at all! Yikes! Glad the kids were not stuck in there. And it did not parallel park itself. Sometimes I think the gadgets make stuff harder rather than easier. Sheesh.


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