Thursday, August 8, 2013

Resistance is futile.

Yesterday was a wonderful day in that I got to take a shower.

Then I noticed that my bathroom smelled like pee. A lot. And not just because of my super spidey smell senses.

I did bare minimum makeup and scraped my hair into a bun with pinched nostrils, then attempted to search out the source of the odor. Had someone peed on the floor? Had T magically decided to use his potty? Was the toilet leaking?

What the heck, man?

As I was getting dressed, I just could not shake the smell. I went back in the bathroom. Wash rags? Nope.

Sink drains? Nope.

Rug? Nope.


Not that one. Or that one. Or that one.

I picked up the towel I had just used to dry my hair. Sniffed.


I pulled my hair down. Sniffed again.


Apparently someone put my towel on the floor at bath time. Apparently a little person decided it looked like a great place to do their thing. Apparently I didn't notice until after I had used it to dry my hair.

Apparently the universe is working against me.

Surely it's some kind of fancy natural hair treatment, right?


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  1. Oh my I had a good giggle with this one... Our youngest grandson was staying with us and used the bathroom by himself and later hubby came home and showered and whilst drying off about got sick. LOL Our little man had wiped his heiny with Papa's bath towel. Needless to say he took another shower and got a clean towel. Ha ha ha....

    1. Oh my! I will definitely be checking my towels from now on :)


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