Monday, July 29, 2013

May/June {Snapshots}

Hola peeps,

I'm trying a new thing where I post some "snapshots" of life every month or two (or three or four ... ). Here's a few from May and part of June. Hopefully it will motivate me to dust off my camera.

Luckily I'll be behind the lens, so showers, real clothes and makeup will continue to be optional. HOORAY!

Here's a friendly little guy visiting our lilacs. They bloomed for a week or two and I wanted to keep the window open all the time just for the smell. Lilacs are my fave.

Here's T standing in a (very small) puddle.

And here's G sleeping in her bouncer. This almost never happens so I had to make sure I recorded the moment. Now when she won't sleep I can just look at this picture and sob, remembering the good ole' days. Oh, pregnancy hormones. I hate you.

Here's a pic of the fire that started two miles from the house. Huge thanks to the firefighters who got it under control!

Here's T trying to figure out how to ride his new trike. We're still working on it.

And G trying to figure out how to es-cap-ay.

I really do wash that window. Really.

Here's T shoving cotton candy in his mouth. That may have been the only thing he ate that day. Whoops.

And G catching a ride on Daddy.

She was only a little excited.

What fun things did you do?

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