Friday, March 1, 2013

Failing like a boss, yo.

Soooo ... I got published. YAY!

And then I opened up the digital magazine this morning and realized I had sent in the wrong kind of file ...

Give me a minute ... *SOB*

For some stupid reason, I thought the lovely people at Inspired Crochet were going to make me a cover page (not that I would be on the cover, just a page with all my info, pictures from my blog, et cetera ... more like an "About" page placed  before the pattern). So, I put all my info into a word file and sent it off, thinking it would be magically transformed into something awesome instead of being, well, a word file with weird random comments in, God forbid, TIMES NEW ROMAN.  I mean, what is this? A college term paper? Gahhh.

In retrospect, I realize it would be INCREDIBLY difficult to make pages for everyone who submits patterns. What was I thinking?!? I don't even know. I'm going to go with good ole' sleep deprivation on this one. Sorry, peeps.


Wait, what is that? Do you hear it?

I'm pretty sure it's the siren song of homemade snickerdoodles ...

... yes, I am one of those girls who eats her feelings ...


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