Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Igotanewcomputeryeah! {14 Days of Fluffy Stuff}

Hi peeps!

I'm cheating a little bit on 14DOFS, but I had to announce the arrival of this:
Toshiba Satellite Walker
born February 5, 2013 5:04 p.m.
5 pounds, 3ish ounces, 15.6 inches

You're saying "Computers are not fluffy! I am indignificated! You have lured me here under false pretenses, madam!"

And you would be right ... except for use of the word "indignificated", which isn't a word at all..

Allow me to remedy that situation.

This is what I looked like when the UPS guy showed up:

 photo napoleondance_zpsb73b1110.gif
moon boots = fluffy
'fro = fluffy
Then I ran around like this screaming "WOO! WOO! WOO!":

 photo Bunny-running-around-on-bed_zps8a068262.gif
bunny+bed = fluffy
Then I fell down and got stuck on the floor like this little guy thanks to a horrendous leg workout completed this morning (burpees are of the devil. I'm sure of it.):

 photo puppy-can-t-roll-over-o_zps998ed856.gif
puppy = fluffy
Then my family looked at me like this ... minus the whole water licking thing ...

 photo funny-gif-cat-drinking-water_zpse5f185c1.gif

But I didn't care 'cuz I was busy doing this to my old computer (sans panda suit ... dang it):

panda = fluffy
Fluffy enough for you? 


This is what I am doing now:

kittens = fluffy
Not a .gif but I couldn't resist.

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