Monday, February 11, 2013

DIY Colored Eyelashes {14 Days of Fluffy Stuff}

Hullo peeps,

Remember when colored mascara was all the rage and everyone look like they got attacked by muppets?

Well, it's happening again. And this time I'm actually old enough to wear makeup ...

Kip is pretty psyched
about it, too.
The other day, I came across this post on the Beauty Department blog:

It's a great way to shake up your basic makeup routine without going full Bozo the clown. It's only eyelashes, after all.

The Beauty Department used bright colored eyeliner for their look, but unfortunately I'm all out of neon liquid liner at the moment ... and Twinkies. If anyone wants to remedy either of those situations, feel free!

I used regular mascara and eye shadow instead.

I think it worked pretty well! I've had it on a full day and it's held up quite nicely.

And oh holy moly, do I need to pluck my eyebrows! That's one of those little things that fall by the wayside when you have kids. 

Like showering. 

And putting on real clothes. 

And eating Oreos in peace.
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