Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bunny Business {14 Days of Fluffy Stuff}

We have a small bunny population on the ranch. And by "small" I mean we only see one or two ... or five ... at a time, which probably means there's 100+ hopping around. We have adopted a no-kill policy (much to  the chagrin of the testosterone-fueled in the house) and we feed them.

I know, I know.

Don't accuse me of encouraging a population explosion.

It's not like I'm putting aphrodisiacs in the bunny food or something ...
Which probably wouldn't make a difference anyway.

They are just such cute little vermin. And they make me smile when they:

Attempt a heist on the snowman's carrot nose.
Sit in the bucket of bunny food and munch, munch, munch.
Have a High Noon-style bunny stare down.
Chill in the planter.
Be grumpy.
I have visions of an entire herd (pack? coven?) of tame rabbits. Ones without lice, fleas and diseases, of course.

We might just go full Snow White up in here.

We already have dwarves.

Well, technically one of them is Prince Charming ...

... and that would be why they didn't make Snow White 2, in which Snow White cooks and cleans
while the dwarves and Prince Charming sit on their butts yelling at the TV ...

Love you, honey ;-)
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