Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rearranging and Chest Hair ... not "Rearranging Chest Hair". That would be weird.

You know how some people like to rearrange their furniture? I like to rearrange the bloggy. Take a look towards the top and you'll see ... drum roll please ... PAGES! Finally! :-)

Unnecessary Explanations:

Home - This lists the most recent posts. If you get lost on the blog (highly unlikely), just click here (kinda like the cyber version of clicking your heels together three times) and hey presto! You're back in Kansas! Or somewhere much cooler than Kansas. Also, less flat.
About - This is a page about me. Duh. The first sentence is a grammatical nightmare. Sorry, mom.
Etsy - Here you can see the latest Etsy listings for my shop.
Subscribe - Here's some different ways to subscribe. (Once again, duh.) Please pick a way to stay updated that suits you best. Or don't. I'm not the boss of you.
Topics - This is a breakdown of the subjects I blog about most often.
Randomness - You'll just have to see for yourself *suspicious face* <<< have no idea what that actually looks like.
Come at me, bro. - My feeble attempt to sound like a bad a$$ when all I'm really doing is listing basic contact information.
Legaleeze - My disclaimer. I'm not really sure it's necessary up there, but we'll leave it until I can think of something better.

I've also de-cluttered the sidebar a bit. It's still a work in progress (because I only pretend to know what the heck HTML is), but we're getting somewhere!

Love it? Hate it? Do not care one little bit? Suggestions? No suggestions? Hey, did you just see that orange tabby cat? Or that epic subject change?
Ghost busted!

Also, it has come to my attention I have quite a few ghost readers. No, not readers who are ghosts. Readers who haven't yet taken advantage of the Subscribe page up top. If you're a ghost reader, please head over there and pick your favorite way to stay up-to-date!


You know dat's right.

Here's what I did. I know, I know. More unnecessary explanations. It's how I roll.

1) Looked at my website like I was seeing for the first time. It's kind of like when you look down at your (finally) sleeping infant and think, "they are so beautiful/perfect/amazing" and then their little eyes pop open and they smile in an evil but still cute way. Or when you accidentally spray vinegar water on your counter and it boomerangs into your eyeballs and you're all "MY EYES! MY EYES!" (or if you're Spanish, "MIS OJOS! MIS OJOS!")

ANYWAY, I thought it was looking pretty cluttered on the left, so I got rid of a few unnecessary things. The right sidebar shall always and forevermore be referred to as "KICK A$$ SUBSCRIBER CENTRAL."

2) Looked at blog critique options. Did you know they charge a gazillion dollars for those? There's a few free ones out there, but they tend go all Hunger Games on you. "The first seven people to sign up WIN and the rest get shot in the butt with tranquilizer darts ... may the odds be ever in your favor." You might want to look into this if you have absolutely no idea what to do, but I decided to go ahead on my own instead of waiting to get picked out of hundreds of other bloggers.

3) Got distracted by FB. DON'T DO THIS.

4) Added pages (in your Blogger dashboard, click on "Pages" in the left sidebar. It's dang near rocket science.) Blogger only supports static pages, meaning they won't change unless you edit them manually (unless you have some special HTML coding going on). I went with the basics and a "Randomness" page. Every blog needs a Randomness page, right?

5) ORGANIZE YOUR POSTS. Because of the static pages thing, you need to have a way to get all your posts for each topic in one place. I use one of several labels (occasionally more) for every blog post. Then when people click on the "Topics" page, they can find the specific label they're interested in and go from there.

And that's it!

Next step is tackling SEO (search engine optimization). It seems a large majority of people are finding my site by Googling "pierce brosnan chest hair" ...

Also, I'll be back later today with a crochet pattern. WOOT WOOT!

And I promise it has nothing to do with Pierce Brosnan, chest hair, or Pierce Brosnan's chest hair :)

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