Monday, December 24, 2012

A PheGNOMEinal Christmas ~ Part Three

As we conclude our gnome-y series (all three posts plus an addendum on toadstools ... I'm such a slacker), I wanted to share where we got our inspiration. It's a book called, "Gnomes" by Wil Huygen with pictures by Rien Poortvliet. My mom has had it since she was a little girl and it's absolutely adorable.

You can get it on Amazon here.

Now on to less gnome-y things.

If you're looking for something to do today, may I suggest salt dough ornaments?

I made these glittered star ones with T a few weeks back and ... well, it was terrible. He tried to eat the dough. Then he threw it. He dumped out the cookie cutters on the floor (all 125 of them). He cried when I put the ornaments in the oven. He sucked craft paint off the paintbrush when I was trying to decorate them, leading to a panicked rush to find out if craft paint is toxic (its not). Plus, I ended up burning most of them. Then I put them on this tiny tree and the lights magically stopped working. Grrr.

We also made keepsake hand print ornaments, but the photo has disappeared from my camera. FYI, foot prints would have been MUCH easier. Less unclenching of tiny baby fingers required.

Despite this year's experience, I would love to try again in 2013. It would probably work much better for children over two (especially if you don't happen to be an obsessive compulsive perfectionist, your oven timer doesn't regularly malfunction, and your kid doesn't enjoy the taste of craft paint).

And that's that! Merry Christmas Eve! Here's a video where I get T to say, "Merry Christmas" a few times, sing his version of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and terrorize his sister.

Have a lovely holiday!
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