Thursday, December 6, 2012

A PheGNOMEinal Christmas ~ Part One

The overall-ed helper
Once upon a time ...

There was a person who thought it would be awesome to have a gnome Christmas tree. She enlisted the help of her crazy talented brother and her overall-ed helper and with a whopping budget of zero dollars, set about to create the greatest (and maybe only) gnome Christmas tree in the world.

She was so happy with the results she took a gazillion pictures and blogged about them.

And then she became famous and made a gazillion dollars.

And then she said, "gazillion" again just for funsies.

The End

In case you're wondering, that was a mostly true story. Also, I was in my pajamas for two days trying to get it done. The overall-ed helper and his sister were not very cooperative.

Behold, The Greatest Gnome Christmas Tree in the World!

I'm pretty sure the weird black blob at the bottom is
the Spirit of Christmas Awesome
... or possibly the dog

Decorated with a collection of last year's ornaments, ribbon from my wedding (still!), some of mom's
ornaments, jute, burlap and miscellany from my craft stash and pure awesomeness in the form of ...
tiny gnome hats! (made with felt triangles, jute twine and hot glue)
tiny polymer clay mushrooms! (made and painted by my brother and I)
a giant gnome hat! (made with fabric from the craft stash)

 And the best part ... polymer clay gnomes for each family member made by this crazy guy >>>>>>>>

Believe it or not, he wasn't adopted :)

We have Pop Pop Gnome:

 Mimi Gnome (the spirit of Christmas Awesome photobombed this picture, too):

 Grover Gnome (note the extra long arms and neatly manicured beard):

 Me Gnome (complete with giant crochet hook/eye gouging device; the other arm holds a detachable baby, but she's hanging out by herself at the moment):

Ethan Gnome with dreads and weaponry:

Luke Gnome skiing down an invisible mountain of awesome:

Josh Gnome (upside down, of course):

T Dubbs Gnome catching a ride:

And Princess Polka Dot Gnome (Ethan made her yelling instead of smiling angelically ... VERY apropros):

And there ya go!

Totally worth a gazillion dollars, no?

What meaningful Christmas ornaments/decorations do you have? Do you love gnomes, fairies, talking donkeys, and the like? DO YOU REALLY WANT TO WEAR THAT GIANT GNOME HAT?!?

I most certainly do :-)
Check back soon for more of our Gnome-tastic Christmas decor!
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