Thursday, November 8, 2012

Presenting ...

I did it, peeps!

In case you haven't noticed the *ahem* huge and rather obnoxious announcement at the top of the page (and the widget in the sidebar ... and the facebook status update ... and this post .... and me screaming, "HOOORAY!" at the top of my lungs), {walker whimsy} is officially on Etsy!

woot woot!
This has been a big goal of mine and I'm glad I finally accomplished it!

I have four items listed so far. Not so impressive, but since I made them all by hand, I'll take it :)

I will be selling a variety of stuff, including the things I share here on the bloggy (so far, that includes the rainbow scarf and the mustache), mohawk hats (cuz they're awesome), and other randomness.

Because it wouldn't be fun without randomness, right?

Check it out!

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