Monday, October 8, 2012

Witch's Brew Centerpiece

A few days ago, I found myself in the Halloween decor section at the dollar store. I love a good deal, but I love 57 good deals even more!

I bought a bunch of random stuff, brought it home, and set it on the kitchen table. It lived there for a while because I couldn't figured out what to do with it. Then, FLASH!

Not that kind of flash ...
The idea to create a Witch's Brew centerpiece popped into my head. After some craft stash raiding (and a bit of magic), I ended up with this:

All I did was lay out some black fabric scraps, attach tulle and "creepy fabric" from the dollar store to the light fixture for smoke, placed the ends of it in a pot I already had, then added dollar store spiders and skeletons. I stuck a wooden spoon in the pot, too.

These empty glass jars were sitting on a shelf in my craft space, so I filled them up with various craft supplies, printed out labels, taped them on, and scattered them around the pot.

The contents of this witch's spice rack include:
Lizard Blood (food coloring in water), Bunny Tails (white pom poms), Worm Intestines (jute twine scraps),
Unicorn Dandruff (glitter), Eyeballs (googly eyes), Pins & Needles (don't have to explain that one),
Dragon Breath (um ... air), and Live Spiders (decidedly not alive plastic spiders from the dollar store).
My favorite part, I have to say, is how the salt and pepper shakers fit in so nicely with the display. I can just imagine a Julia Child-esque witch reciting, "a spot of lizard blood, two bunny tails, three live spiders and salt and pepper to taste." Haha.

Or rather *cackle*.

Speaking of witches and the Flash(es), what are you going to be this October 31st? I've got T's costume materials, but I haven't figured anything out for Gracie, Grover, or myself.

Maybe I'll have another FLASH. Or maybe I'll whip up a couple of these mustaches.

Or maybe we'll just end up at home on the couch in flannel pj's with two adorably costumed children and a bowlful of empty candy wrappers.

Houston, we have a plan.

Let's party!

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  1. I love, love your witches brew!! So clever I want one too! You are in Halloween mode! Great bottles too! Love it all!


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