Friday, October 5, 2012

Road Trip Photobomb

On our way home from Wyoming last weekend, we stopped at Sheep Creek to check out the salmon run.
Sheep Creek
I had never seen salmon outside of a restaurant, so I was pretty excited. Unfortunately my ignorance on the subject made itself obvious when I casually asked Grover, "so they go all the way from here to Alaska, huh?" His hysterical laughter was answer enough. Yeah. Apparently salmon live in other places, too. Thanks a lot, Discovery Channel.

T also thought the "pishies" were cool.

The mountainous region around Sheep Creek is home to big horn sheep and mountain goats (hence the name ... whoever thought of that was one creative soul). I've never seen any, but Grover has.

Apparently they were all at the premiere of  Finding Nemo 3D.
After the stop at Sheep Creek, we went through Ashley Valley National Forest. It was a little late in the season, but the aspens still put on a pretty impressive show.

Taken whilst hanging out the window ... Grover hates it when I do that.
And the view through the front windshield.
See the bug smears?
That's why I usually hang out the side of the car.
Purty, purty
Aspen trees are my favorites. Grover calls them "quakies". Has anyone else ever heard this moniker? Maybe it's a Wyoming-ite thing.

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