Tuesday, September 18, 2012

She's A Maniac


And she's crying like she's never cried before-uuh-wo-wwowoworrr.

They could have used my tears for this. I kid you not.

I don't get to take a shower, I cry.

There's a problem with the TV installation, I cry.

Gracie cries, I cry.

Grover is going to be home from work late, I cry.

Gracie cries again, I cry. (It was a rough day for her, too.)

I realize I'm not going to fit into my pre-preggers jeans ever again before the next ice age rolls around, I cry ... and then cry again when I realize it won't even matter because we'll all have to be bundled up like the little dude in A Christmas Story OR WE'LL DIE.

I look at my wedding pictures, I cry.

I look at other people's wedding pictures, I cry.

I realize I'm crying AGAIN, I cry.

Someone doesn't respond to a friend request (even though they should totally know who I am because one time I helped their kid cross the street), I cry.

I forget who I'm supposed to write a thank you note to, I cry. (Sorry, whoever you are. When my brain returns to a semi-normal state maybe I'll remember ... like that'll ever happen. *sniffle*)

I can't find any clean socks for T, I cry.

I stub my toe, I cry.

Okay, that one really hurt, but still.

Gahhhhh. This is utterly ridiculous. Will I ever be normal again?

Was I ever normal to begin with?




By the way, hanging over the side of a crib to pat your child's back does very weird things to your armpit nerves.

That is all. 

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