Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Little Reminder

I know one day when my children are all grown up I'm going to miss this. I will miss finding measuring cups in the bedroom closet. I will wish there was still someone to throw all the pillows off the couch/bed/armchairs RIGHT AFTER I PICK THEM UP (besides Grover ... ). I will want to wash bazillions of loads of tiny clothes and try to deduce exactly what it was that turned someone's mouth cerulean ... okay, maybe I won't miss that one.

I also won't miss doing yoga while a toddler practices his kung fu moves on my defenseless noggin.

The problem is that when you're in the middle of the craziness that is parenting, it's really dang hard to remember just how quickly time passes. When {Nice Girl Notes} posted the following poem on her Facebook page, I knew I needed to print it out and put it somewhere.

by Ruth Hulbert Hamilton
This is my little reminder to enjoy my tiny tornadoes in all their messy glory.

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  1. You know as soon as you see my name what I'm gonna say right? You already know that i'm an empty nestor so yah, grab those moments and cherish them because yes, there will be a day when you miss finding plastic dinosaurs in the freezer and cowboy legos in the tub. (I had boys.)
    I love that poem, super cute and beautiful, a keeper!

    1. I love to read your comments! It's great to see things from a different perspective! Luckily we have yet to discover Legos, but I'm sure that day is coming soon :)


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