Monday, June 25, 2012

Survey Says ...


We bought a swamp cooler today. Well, actually, Grover (otherwise known as the husband) bought it.

Fun facts about our swamp cooler, hereby dubbed Swampy (it's catchy, no?):

  • It makes the whole house smell like plastic ... it's what I imagine Jane Fonda smells like.
  • It was expensive. 
  • It is hideous. So hideous it actually competes with the kitchen carpet for attention.
  • You can't hear anything going on within a 20 foot radius due to the noisy fan.
  • It is so big you could probably hide an entire cow in it and get through customs without a hitch.
  • I lurve it.
The backs of my knees and other random body crevices (or crev-asses as my good friend Bear Grylls likes to say) are no longer saturated with sweat. Hooray!

Anyhoo, a friend of mine posted this on Facebook and since my brain is not functioning at full capacity (even with Swampy beating back the 90+ temp), I figured with a few changes and some grammar and spelling corrections, it would be entertaining. 

At least for me, anyway :-)

1. Full name: Caitlin Rose Walker
2. Current crush: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
3. Addiction: See previous question
4. How tall I am: 5 feet, 3.5 inches
5. Relationship status: Married
8. Current mood: Sleepy
9. Favorite col
or: Purple
10. Confession: I want to see Magic Mike 
11. List of people who may not want to see Magic Mike: Straight men, infants, children, blind people, dead people, people who hate abs
11. Shoe size: 6.5
13. Who I last hugged: T Dubbs
14. Someone who understands me: God
Someone gorgeous: Miss Piggy
19. Someone who makes me smile: Stephen Colbert
20. Who I'm listening to: Grover and the swamp cooler (that sounds like a band)
21. Turn on: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
22. Turn off: forgetting to bring me Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
23. Best friends: Chocolate ... and peanut butter

Disclaimer: Some of the questions above may or may not have been answered by the tiny human currently residing in my womb.

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