Friday, June 1, 2012

The Bright Side ...

It's unfair to post pictures of ugly carpet without sharing a few snapshots of the lovely things around our new residence.

Standby for photobomb in 3, 2, 1 ...

One of the many (really old) outbuildings on the property. They are perfect for photo ops and hiding notorious criminals. Yeehaw.

California poppies in the front yard (and random other places). When I was little I used to pretend the dead ones were fairy wands as I flitted about the yard (did I mention we moved back to the house I lived in from age two to age seven?). 

Fifteen years later, it's a poppy EXPLOSION.

The headlight on a Chevy Luv ... not sure this would qualify as "lovely" unless you're a Luv lover. 

Or a "Luv-er".

Boo ya. Horrific pun.

Wood grain from an old juniper tree.

My favorite - yellow primroses. The smell is divine.

A dugout from pioneer times. SO COOL.

More wood grain.

A mama horse and her baby.

T's reaction to the horses. He thinks they're giant dogs (he repeated "gog" over and over). I think he was a little frightened by their enormousness.

I would be frightened of a "gog" 50 times bigger than me, too.

The little red house. It's so very Little House on the Prairie, don't you think?

And finally, one of several insanely beautiful views. 

There are so many places to take awesome pictures, I may stoop to begging my friends to let me do photo shoots.


First person who asks gets a free photo shoot.

How sad and desperate of me.

Anyhoo, have a nice weekend! Relax, enjoy the weather, and steal a spot in your great grandpa's hammock.

Evidently it is an extremely entertaining thing to do.


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  1. You are a wonderful photographer and so neat to see you following in your mom's footsteps and writing, too! Love your wit!


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