Friday, May 4, 2012

She's got a mind like a steel trap. Or possibly a rubber band.

I don't know if it's the impending super moon or that HUGE brownie I just ate, but I've got thoughts bouncing around in my head like ping pong balls.

Like perhaps someday I should take a picture of myself with my new (again) hair cut and color instead of masquerading as a blonde.

Or that maybe I should restart the creative torture process and attempt to get my ideas featured on crafting sites so people will lurve me. Because rejection was just so fun the first 700 times.

Or that maybe I should open an etsy store with crocheted creations ... once I finish the projects I've been procrastinating.

Or that I am now the parent of a one year old. Complete with tantrums, teeth and toddling.

Or that in 18ish weeks, I will have two children. *GULP*

Or that this lingering stupid cough makes me feel like I may need Depends.

Or that I have a tendency to over share.

Some things will never change. I am not perfect. Life is not perfect. And that is what makes it fun.

And in case you were wondering, it wasn't a hash brownie. I don't need drugs to be peculiar.

It just happens.
have you seen this movie? it's a GREAT movie.

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  1. You are so wrong about not being perfect! I came to your blog today accidentally (craft gossip, gorgeous rainbow scarf, 17 year old daughter screams: "I want it! I want it!", in Dutch, though) and I started to read ALL your posts. Your beautiful children are so lucky to have you as their mother. You are inspiring.

    I am a 52-year old mother of three, and I know you must be very, very busy with your two tiny cuties. You are doing wonderful.
    I liked it when your son was playing in the mud. I remember my kids liked that too. It is so important you let them get dirty, and experimenting with mud is more important than having a lot of laundry.
    I am sorry I comment anonymously. I have none of the other profiles. I could email you, but I don't know how to.

    Nevertheless, you are my hero!

    With love, from the Netherlands,
    Greetings of Suzanne

    1. Suzanne,

      Thank you so much! You've just made my day! (okay, my whole week!) I hope my weirdness translates properly into Dutch o.O

      Have a lovely day :)



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