Sunday, April 29, 2012

Won't Get Fooled Again


We survived!

My face kinda says it all ...
The shindig was quite fun, just not what I imagined. I gave myself about a third of the time I needed to prepare, so I was still frosting cupcakes when guests started to arrive. Thank God for family members willing to pitch in!

What did I learn? Hmmm. Let me see.

1. Lavish birthday parties are not my style. Don't get me wrong; it was a lot of fun seeing family and friends and planning and decorating, but that was far outweighed by all the self-induced stress. Plus, it ended up getting really expensive. I have no idea how that happened ... *innocent blink*.

2. It's very difficult to fit three days of work into six hours. In other words, I (still) don't have very good time management skills.


Maybe now that I've accepted this character quirk, I'll stop trying to fit REALLY BIG projects into really small time frames.


3. Getting sick doesn't help anything at all. Mostly because it's not very attractive to hack all over your party guests (and their food). I'm feeling a bit better after 16 hours of sleep. Sixteen hours I could have been using to end world hunger or something. Possibly with all the leftover cupcakes ...

4. Always listen to your mother. How many times am I going to have to learn this lesson?

She suggested I call everyone and cancel when I woke up on Saturday and felt like I was dying. But, noooo, that would have been positively preposterous. I had already, you know, made cupcakes and ... stuff.

4. Things never turn out like they look on Pinterest. I partially blame the Internet for my disillusionment about this whole thing. I searched and searched for ideas and came up with all these blog posts of perfect parties with perfect people and perfect decorations and I started thinking, "Surely this can't be that hard."

Well, it is if you're a normal human being. It's kinda like thinking you can look like a magazine model.

Just. not. possible. Especially when you're five months pregnant ...

5. It's really hard to make Sesame Street characters look like Sesame Street characters. They kinda look more like deformed Veggie Tales characters. Obese deformed Veggie Tales characters. But they tasted delicious and best of all ....


Thank you, Duncan Hines.

6. We may will be doing something less stressful/expensive/messy in the future. It was fun and Talen had fun, but again, not my style. I am not Superwoman, and that is okay.

And oh yeah, happy birthday to T! 365 days ago I was thinking my insides would fall out if I stood up ...

Hooray for happier memories!

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