Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sometimes creativity sucks ...

Sorry for the posting shortages. I have a good reason, I promise.

We're moving a bit earlier than expected (like 6 to 8 week earlier ... ). I turned on the outside faucet Sunday so hubby could wash the patio. I went in the house, walked through a gigantic puddle, kept going, stopped, thought for a few seconds, yelled, turned and smashed my face into a cabinet, then ran outside to turn the water off. The landlords came over to have a look-see and evidently the break is behind a beam or something (carpentry expert I am not), so they're going to have to tear apart the kitchen to find the problem.

Which has led to a major packing spree. Have you ever packed a house in two days? I have. Twice. Last time, I did it by myself the while hubby went to the movies.

Can you tell I'm still a bit annoyed about that?

All this stress has led to a gigantic pimple and a to-do list a mile long. Plus, I'm finding all kinds of things that are "messed up". Being renters, this is a BIG DEAL.

For example, I spent an hour carefully scraping hot glue off the bottom of a cabinet. Bursts of creativity must shut off the common sense part of my brain. I mean, who hasn't thought, "Of course I can cut out 15,000 elf feet in two hours"? ... maybe that was just me.

Anyhoo, between the hot glue and the millions of tack holes in the wall and the pink wax spot on one of the (custom) honeycomb shades and the floor stains, it will be a miracle if we get our deposit back.

Oh, woe is me. WOEEE IS MEEE.

Whining to no one in particular is good therapy.

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