Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Bit O' Green (and orange and blue)

sorry for the weird orange-y tinge. my camera is being obnoxious. also, the card was made by my aunt ...
just in case you were thinking I was a total genius or something ...
Sooo, I finally got around to putting together a shamrock garland. I'm actually pretty stinkin' proud I got it done before St. Patrick's Day.

All I did was make 10 or so shamrocks with this pattern. It rocketh.

Then I did a simple chain and slip stitched them to it.


and this picture looks like it was taken underwater ...
ARGH, camera. why must you torment me so?
I apologize for the strange colored photographs. I think the white balance on my camera is set for florescent lighting. I attempted to fix it in the bottom photo, but that made it look like some weird blue alien landscape. Where they have crocheted shamrock garlands. Riggght.

Oh well. You get the picture. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Ya see what I did dere? :-)
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