Monday, January 23, 2012


No, T Dubbs did not sneak in and add some genius baby language to this post.

that's me. green faced from nausea and disgusted
by the gigantic pile of dishes in the sink.
CUOATSYDDLWBYWSOYBFLYWGTD stands for "Catch Up on All the Stuff You Didn't Do Last Week Because You Were Sitting on Your Butt Feeling Like You Were Going to Die". And today, my friends, is that day.

I hate feeling sick. It starts a chain reaction of doom. I feel sick, so I sit on my butt, which means none of the housework gets done, which means the house turns into a pig stye and I sob uncontrollably because there are no clean forks.

True story.

I am feeling a wee bit better at the moment and I made a Catch Up to-do list. And if you say "Catch Up to-do list" really fast, it sounds like "Ketchup to-do list". I have no idea what that would entail. Eating many types of gourmet ketchup? Is there such a thing as gourmet ketchup?

ANYWAY, I am determined to get all this stuff done. You know, so I can sit on my butt the rest of this week and start the vicious cycle all over again ...

Let's DO THIS thang.

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