Friday, January 6, 2012


my philosophy ... unfortunately
For those of you who don't already know, I love to take pictures. It doesn't mean I'm good at it, but it is SO MUCH FUN. I like photography so much, in fact, I bought a very nice camera. And I have no clue how to use it. I kinda just push buttons and tweak stuff and hope it turns out okay.

Stop looking at me like that. One of my New Year's Resolutions is to read the flippin' manual. So maybe in December 2012, I'll crack it open ...

Just to be clear, I'm not into stiff, airbrushed, photoshopped-up-the-you-know-what, silver umbrella thingys, perma-smile type pictures. If I like my photos, that's all that matters. In other words, screw you, rule of thirds.

And despite the fact that this blog already has more going on than Lady Gaga's NYE outfit (DID YOU SEE THAT THING!?!), I feel the need to share. Soooo, I will be gifting to you, my dear readers, a few posts dedicated to some (okay, all) of the photo shoots I've done as well as some random pics I took on the fly.

I might even post pics on specific days of the week.

Ha, ha. That was my organized alter-ego talking. We don't hear from  her much.

The models in these photos are all helpless victims family members and/or things that were unable to run away (trees, rocks, quadriplegic dogs ... KIDDING).

And for those of you who haven't forgotten, another one of my resolutions is to finish the 30 day photo challenge ...

So that means I have 361 days for a 30 day challenge. Now that I can do. 


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