Monday, January 2, 2012

And she's at it again ...

I must admit I have a slight addiction to changing my hair color ALL THE TIME. I didn't realize it until Chance's grandmother (such a sweet lady), mentioned that every time I see her (which is not all that often in the grand scheme of things, but still pretty often) my hair is a different color or a different style. And I was like, "nah." And then I thought about it.


I never thought I would be one of those hair chameleons. It just kind of happened. I have been red, strawberry blonde (those are different, you know), platinum, purple, pink when the purple faded, and finally my natural (and current) color of a weirdish sort of brown. I really enjoyed rocking the blonde and even the purple, but brown's nice, too.


I mean, it was my favorite color in elementary school. It's the second most common hair color after black. And it's the color of, uh, dirt and um, mud and ...

CHOCOLATE! It's the color of CHOCOLATE!

Which makes it totally sweet. 

How punny, my dear Watson, how very punny indeed.

eh, still not convinced ... what other hues have I yet to try?

I know, I know. 

My hair is gonna fall right outta my noggin.

Is there Intervention for hair color addicts?

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