Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Seeing things from a new angle

We are in the process of babyproofing our house. Munchkin is not crawling yet, but he can kinda sorta army crawl around in a circle and roll and then he does a little shimmy... it's kinda hard to explain. Suffice it to say he can move a few inches, and that's reason enough to make sure the house is safe.

One thing I have learned  from this experience is that children make you see things from a completely different perspective. For example, get down on your hands and knees right now and look around.

Do you see Christmas presents you can gum until the wrapping paper dissolves?
A tiny section of a power cord sticking out from behind the TV stand that can give you a nice little ZING?
Small pieces of something unidentifiable to shove in your mouth as fast as you can?
And LOOK! Is that a hard wooden piece of furniture for you to smack your head on at least twice before mom rescues you?

There's TWO!

That's one way your perspective changes as a parent. In another sense, all things old become new again. The holiday season this year has been SO MUCH FUN because of Baby Munchkin. For instance:

Who knew Christmas trees were so amazing?
And did you know Santa is a FAKE!?!

I can't wait for Christmas morning!

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