Sunday, December 18, 2011

Check Your Flocking Facts

The Fib from Outer Space
I love my computer, my smart phone, and the Internet. But technology definitely has a down side.

It augments human stupidity. You see, in the olden days (you know, like the 1970s), it was much harder to spread lies. You couldn't push a magical button that would send a chain email to 1,500 people in a matter of seconds. You couldn't share a bogus story on Facebook with 800 friends. Heck, you couldn't even text message. You actually had to talk to someone. Ew.

The Rumor Weed
People are the same now as they were back then (minus the polyester and the 'fros ... hopefully). But the weapons of mass destruction fib spreading have changed. Instead of a letter, a phone call or a town crier, we have Twitter, Facebook, and email. Plus, we seem to have forgotten all about common sense. Everything we see, hear, or read is automatically true. Because, you know, we saw it on Facebook. And if you see it on Facebook, it must be true. Right?


What's behind the pervasive tendency to spread total bullsh*t, anyway? It's not "being a responsible citizen". It's not "keeping others informed."

It's gossip. And spreading gossip, last time I checked, is WRONG.

Do you want to sound like a parrot on crack? Of course you don't.



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