Wednesday, November 9, 2011

X is for X Chromosome

AND NOW ... you get exclusive access into my brain. Inside Edition, people! If my thought process were a movie it would be incredibly epic.

 Like Inception.

Without the cleverness.

Or the Leonardo DiCaprio.

This is my brain trying desperately to figure out what to write about for this a2z post:

X, x, hmm ... xylophone! But why would I write a whole post about a xylophone? 

I could just retype the X page from Dr. Seuss's A, B, C, Book ...

What else starts with X. Xavier? As in Charles Xavier? I don't even like X-Men. Except for Hugh Jackman. But that is beside the point.

I know, Vin Diesel! Wasn't he Triple-X in one of his movies or something? I could discuss the incredibly diabolical way in which he names his movies. Really, who else would have thought to take out one little conjunction (is "the" a conjunction? Conjunction Junction, what's your function? Hooking up words and phrases and clauses ... )Boom! It's a whole new movie title. And then when you see it on TV you can't figure out which one's what because you can't remember what went where. 

Or rather "the".

But wait ... the title of the post would be XXX.

Not going there.

Back to square number uno.

Numbers ... x ... that reminds me of college algebra!

What happens if you divide x by x? Does it cease to exist?


This is why I love algebra.

Wait a second .... XX ... that reminds me of something ...





WHAT A COMPLETELY NERDY, RANDOM, UNRELATED THING TO THINK OF ... it's PERFECT! I could write a deep, thought-provoking post about the differences between men and women and the nature/nurture debate. 

Yeah, that would be fun!

Or not.

After all that laboriousness, I realized all I really wanted to say is this:

Girls Rock.

The End.


This Post was brought to you today by Sleep Deprivation and the letter X.

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