Wednesday, October 12, 2011

S is for Shiny Sink!

About a month ago I started doing Flylady's baby steps. It's going okay. The first baby step is keeping your sink super shiny (or "shuper shiny" as I like to say over and over. Try it, it's fun ... if you're easily amused. Which I am. :-).

The house we're in currently doesn't have a dishwasher (NOOOOOOO). I have contemplated selling a kidney on the black market so we could get one. But alas, I have no creepy, shady friends with connections to the black market. Only semi-creepy ones.

Perhaps eBay, then.

To make it even worse, I don't have a window over my sink (NOOOOOOO). I have a blank white wall. How un-inspiring. I put up a few pictures when we moved in, but we've been here almost a year and they are getting kinda old seeing as I look at them every day (or not ... how 'bout at least once a week?).

I decided I needed something that would stay fresh and interesting to please those multiple personalities we talked about.

Sooo, I came up with a shimple idea. It is shuper easy. I promise.

for a pretty pinboard
for a fun photo clothesline
The first thing I did was dress up a piece of cork with some fabric that matches the rest of my kitchen. Pretty straightfoward. Glue ze fabric to ze pinboard. The end. Despite the nth power easiness, I took pictures anyway.

not sure why this one is randomly yellow
ta dah!
Now for the fun photo clothesline. This is also incredibly easy. Yay!

Ya see what I did dere? Thumbtacks (got these on sale at Wal-Mart for $1.50) + yarn = ta dah! An added bonus will be covering up that less than stellar outlet!

Put it all together and you get ... THIS! Easily changeable and a great place for inspiration.

I especially lurve the tiny baby clothespins (purchased at Wal-Mart for $2.99ish). Are those not the cutest things ever? (besides Baby Munchkin, of course :)

I placed a cute tea cup (found at a yard sale) next to the sink to hold the clothespins and thumbtacks.

When I stepped back to look at it, I liked it, but I realized I still had to look at the bottom of the overhead cabinet (ick). So I tacked up some Christmas lights and some sheer fabric and ...

Ta-dah! Oops, already used that one. How 'bout VOILA! There we go. This picture is (obviously) taken with the lights off. It doesn't look quite as cool with the overheads on, but it's infinitely better than staring at stained particle board. Plus, it is completely undoable, which is especially good for us renters.

I lurve it. It is (almost) as shiny as my shuper shiny sink!

Mini clothespins (and shiny things) rock!

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  1. Cool! Are you aware that the cutesy teacup you bought is the same (classic and now very expensive) pattern of Gramma Kooky's old set of dishes?


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