Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Holy Cannoli ... YOU ARE MY SEESTER!

Yeahhh, I borrowed that little bit o' genius from the Master of Disguise. What can I say? My brain feels like pig slop.

It has been quite a longgg time since I've posted. A WHOLE MONTH, technically, since the last time I distributed little nuggets of amazingness was September 30.

So, what's up, my peeps? How's life? Mine is completely insane. But man, oh man am I EXCITED for some of the posts I have planned for October. Autumn (my favoritest season ever) has arrived and I am filled to bursting with decorating ideas. Okay, I have three. But in a pig slop brain like mine, that's pretty much full capacity, people.

How sad.

Anyhoo, sorry for the lack of posts. I can't guarantee it will get any better, but I'm going to try my best! I really do love blogging. If it was okay to eat off dirty plates, never shower and stay in my p.j's 99.9% of the time, I would write and craft all day long. But then I would be classified as a bum.

So that's out.

At least for now.

Happy October (five-ish days late)!

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