Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Pursuit of Pretty Pictures ~ Lesson Tres

Lesson three of camera school is about fixing photos. Shimelle has some great examples of her photo fixes here.

I can't afford Photoshop cuz I have to buy diapers (and food. Hoover Dam). However, I have found a GREAT free photo editing program called GIMP. You can download it here.

Picnik is another fantastic resource for photo editing. There are some amazing preset effects. I love the Vignette and Lomo. Create a FREE account here.

Okay, now for the pictures. I used this as an opportunity to do a mini photo shoot with munchkin and his still-too big Converse. But they are SO CUTE. I couldn't help myself.

Shimelle recommends three fixes for photos that are thisclose to being amazing.

1. Crop and desaturate (i.e. turn it black and white). I used Picnik.

Le original:

And le fix:

Which one do you like better? I think the black and white helps a lot since the colors are kinda clashy. And my Converse are extremely dirty ...

2. Auto Color Correct in Picnik

Le original:

And le fix:

This was subtle change, but I like the fixed photo better.

3. Add a vintage wash with Picnik. I used a cross-process effect.

Le original:

And le fix:

I LOVE it.

Ah, the power of editing! Turning almost awesome photos into awesome photos at the push of a button!

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