Friday, September 16, 2011

Hair Bling {Naptime Ingenuity}

About a week ago, the purple hair finally had to go. I used a color remover and not one, but TWO bleach kits. I STILL have pinkish spots in random places. And my hair is falling out from all the chemicals. Boo.

Bottom line - unless you want to have purple hair for the rest of your life, DO NOT DYE YOUR ENTIRE HEAD HELIOTROPE. You may end up having to shave your noggin a la Natalie Portman. Unfortunately, I don't think I could rock that look. So I'm embracing the polka-dotted pinkness for now.

In honor of my newest hair color, I DIYed some hair lovelies. They are perfect for arranging my hair to hide those darned pink spots ...

And .... it was FREE. Me and free stuff just go together, ya know? Like peanut butter and jelly. Or President Bush and weird awkward sentences ..."families is where our nation finds hope, where wings take dreams." What the ... ?

You know what else was meant to be? Girls and glitter. There's something about that sparkly-ness that is simply mesmerizing. Which is why men give us diamond rings. And why Edward Cullen looks like this:

ohhhhh, sparkly ...
❤ glitter. So I decided I would use my favorite sparkly nail lacquer and some old bobby pins to make a bit of hair bling.

All you need is:
~ glittery nail polish
~ old bobby pins
~ an index card

The process is extremely easy. So easy a caveman Edward Cullen could do it.
1. Slide your bobby pins onto the index card so you don't get glitter everywhere. Glitter, while extremely awesome, does not look that great when it's haphazardly stuck to the butt of your favorite jeans.

2. Apply 2 or 3 thin, even layers of nail polish to the tops of the bobby pins. Let dry. Otherwise you will have glittery bobby pins stuck in your hair for eternity. Like I said, glitter is extremely awesome, but ... yeah.
You could mod podge it if you want, but my glitter stayed just fine.

So easy! And FREE!!! Woo!

Go forth and glitter!


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