Friday, September 2, 2011

H is for Hairdo ... and heliotrope {Part 2}

Remember my small problem with forgetting to take pictures? Well, move on over Britney Spears, because Oops, I Did It Again. I have exactly one photo of my heliotrope hairdo. A not very flattering one.

But the color is quite fun, no?

Despite the emotional ups and downs caused by my hair color (how very shallow of me), I really have enjoyed my purple mane. I will be going about my day and then suddenly remember, "Hey, my hair is purple! Crackalackin'!" It makes me feel special and cool and not so new-mommy frumpy. It's amazing how a simple physical change can re-energize and remotivate you when you're feeling down.

Even though I've gotten some interesting reactions, I really don't care. I feel pretty and that is all that matters. Just because someone else is insecure and threatened by your individuality doesn't mean you have to be. In the words of the great Bob and Larry, God made you special and he loves you very much! People may look at your outward appearance, but God is only concerned with your heart. Do what makes you feel good about yourself, even if its something silly like dying your hair ... I don't know ... purple or something.

God loves you unconditionally and he always will, heliotrope hair or no. He won't even tell you you smell like cheese (thanks, hubs. Reaalll smooth).

Embrace your weirdness, my friends. It's what makes you special!

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