Thursday, September 1, 2011

G is for Girls' Night!

(which would have been a really awsomazing (awesome+amazing) post if I wouldn't have dropped the ball ...)

Sometimes I get so mad at myself I just want to punch me in the face. Like when I forget to take pictures of really cool things. Like, for example, our girls night out this past weekend. We did an Alice in Wonderland theme and it was SO FUN. But you're just gonna have to take my word for it because I forgot to take pictures. Again. D'oh. Please forgive me. I'm new at this whole blogging/chronicling your life thing and therefore I don't always do it right. : /

Anyways, a bunch of us girls got together and had a great time painting our toenails and talking and eating chocolate. And holding Baby T, of course. I hope he doesn't end up with a complex like Mel Gibson's character in What Women Want ... 

Since I didn't take any pictures, the best I can do is offer up my Pinterest inspiration board. We set up a pedicure station in mom's front yard with lights and sheers in the trees and put comfy chairs in a circle to promote intellectually stimulating conversation chattering, laughing and random squeals of delight. Inside, we had a Mad Hatter tea party set up and a buffet station with lots and lots of CHOCOLATE. Mmmmm ...

I'm using my forgetfulness as an excuse to do another girls night in the near future. This time I promise to photograph the whole thing!

 It's fun to be a girl ... and on that note, I will leave you with my favoritest quote ever this week ...

(please excuse the spelling)

Face punch!

Pin It!

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