Wednesday, August 31, 2011

(not so) Weekly Accountability Update

I seem to do everything in "fits and starts". Exercising, eating right, crocheting, cleaning, showering (just kidding), and even blogging. I fell off the blogging bandwagon a while back as I had to pray hard to make sure blogging is what God wants me to be doing right now. I was supposed to take a break for a while, but now the light is green, and green means GO!

So, I am very pleased to report that despite my on again off again behavior, I am doing very well with my weight loss.

Starting weight: 151 pounds
Current weight: 137 pounds

Weight loss to date: 14 pounds!

Starting waist measurement: 32 inches
Currently, my waist is: 28.75 inches

I've lost 3.25 inches off my waist! And that's not all ...

Starting hip measurement: 41.5 inches
Currently: 38.75 inches

2.75 inches of squishy is no more. Hallelujah!

I'm so proud of myself! It's been hard juggling mommyhood and all the other life clutter, but I'm doing it!
And you can do it, too!

How is your weight loss/weight maintenance journey going? Do you stop and start things at random like me?
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